2022 world cup at brick store pub

matches shown at our upstairs Belgian Bar & Cask Bar

Brick Store Pub


Sunday 11/20 

11:00am | Qatar vs Ecuador

Monday 11/21 

8:00am | England vs Iran

11:00am | Senegal vs Netherlands

2:00pm | USA vs Wales

Tuesday 11/22

11:00am | Mexico vs Poland

2:00pm | France vs Australia

Wednesday 11/23

8:00am | Germany vs Japan

11:00am | Spain vs Costa Rica

2:00pm | Belgium vs Canada

Thursday 11/24

closed for the holiday 

Friday 11/25

11:00am | Netherlands vs Ecuador

2:00pm | USA vs England

Saturday 11/26

11:00am | France vs Denmark

2:00pm | Argentina vs Mexico 

Sunday 11/27

8:00am | Belgium vs Morocco

11:00am | Croatia vs Canada

2:00pm | Spain vs Germany 

Monday 11/28

11:00am | Brazil vs Switzerland

2:00pm | Portugal vs Uruguay 

Tuesday 11/29

10am | Ecuador vs Senegal Netherlands vs Qatar

2pm | Iran vs USA

Wales vs England

Thursday 11/30

10am | Tunisia vs France

Australia vs Denmark

2pm | Poland vs Argentina

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico


Friday 12/1

10am | Croatia vs Belgium

Canada vs Morocco

2pm | Japan vs Spain

Costa Rica vs Germany

Friday 12/2

10am | South Korea vs Portugal

Ghana vs Uruguay

2pm | Serbia vs Switzerland

Cameroon vs Brazil

** Kolsch service offered for USA games and the World Cup Final! **